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Incorporating is a common practice for business owners today. Many business owners incorporate for the protection of their personal assets and for tax purposes. Incorporating a business is a very complicated matter. Today, you can purchase the necessary materials to form your own corporation, however should your filing be incorrect or incomplete, they will be returned to you....delaying the formation of your company. Your articles of Incorporation, Corporate Minutes, Employer Identification Number (EIN), Corporate By-Laws, and Stock Certificates, all become LEGAL forms of your corporation. Incorporate USA / Financial Foundations, Inc., guarantees your filing and the existence of your corporation. We provide "turn-key" approach to forming and operating a corporation.

Advantages of forming an LLC: An LLC is a hybrid between a partnership and a Corporation in that it combines the "pass-through" treatment of a partnership with the limited liability accorded to corporate shareholders.

Two members required: Unlike a corporation which can have as few as one shareholder, most states require that an LLC consist of two or more members (owners). Recently, however, more states are allowing single-member LLCs. Please note, however, that the IRS may treat a single person LLC differently than an LLC with more than one member.